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Senior Manager 

Health & Safety Training

Our bespoke training will enable your managers to understand their health & safety responsibilities and the legal health & safety framework related to your business.

As an employer you have a legal requirement to ensure provision of any health and safety training required for your employees to carry out their roles effectively.  Senior managers have key roles to play in terms of managing health and safety and we can ensure that your managers are well equipped to implement robust and effective health & safety procedures throughout your business/organisation, to manage risks effectively on your behalf and to assist you with providing a safe, healthy and compliant workplace.

Bespoke senior manager health & safety training will be tailored to your organisational structures, systems, procedures and business culture. We will ensure that it 'hits the spot' and that your managers will be given the tools, confidence and ongoing support to fulfill their responsibilities on your behalf. 

Effective senior manager health and safety training can be a vital part of building a proactive health and safety culture. All trainees will receive a certificate detailing the training that they have received. Please contact us to see how we can assist.