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Health & safety risk assessments are a legally required part of your duties as an employer and should cover all the varying working activities undertaken within your business in order to control the risks to your employees and anyone else affected by your business activities.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require businesses/organisations that  employ more than 5 people to carry out a written health and safety risk assessment. A risk assessment will help you identify the significant risks in your workplace, and avoid wasted effort by effectively targeting these.

A good risk assessment will help avoid accidents and ill health, which can not only ruin lives, but can also increase costs to business through lost output, compensation claims and higher insurance premiums.

We can carry out risk assessments for you in liaison with your workers and managers, assisting you to put robust control measures in place to manage risks effectively whilst boosting your business performance. We can also provide risk assessment training tailored to your business needs so that key employees can develop their own workplace risk assessments whilst we provide quality assurance, advice and support where needed.

We can provide all the assistance and expert advice you need to manage health and safety risks effectively. Please contact us to find out how.

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