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The Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Act (SARAH) – Feb 2015


The Act means that those people who may otherwise have been the defendant in a claim for personal injury are now potentially safe from alleged liability, assuming they can convince a court that they were:

  • acting for the benefit of society, and/or
  • demonstrating a predominantly responsible approach towards protecting the safety or interest of others, and/or
  • acting heroically by intervening in an emergency to assist an individual

The purpose of the Bill was to reassure people, including employers and volunteers (e.g. first aiders), that if they demonstrate a predominantly responsible approach towards the safety of others, during a particular activity, the courts will take this into account in the event that proceedings are issued against them. There is some controversy that the Bill will be seen as a ‘get out’ clause by some employers so it will be interesting to see how the Act is interpreted in any court proceedings.

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