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                       CHAS - Important information regarding changes to the duties under the CDM Regulations

The CDM 2007 Regulations were superseded by the CDM 2015 Regulations on the 06 April 2015.

Under the new Regulations the CDM-Coordinator role will disappear when the transitional arrangements end on 6 October 2015 and a new role of Principal Designer came into existence on 06 April 2015.

CHAS will no longer be offering a CDM-Coordinator assessment.
Instead, CHAS will be assessing the new role of Principal Designer.

The new CHAS Principal Designer assessment criteria and question set has been finalised and is available for download through the "Forms & Standards" page of the CHAS website

A company will be able to apply as a Principal Designer when their next assessment is due or can apply earlier if they wish.

Note: There will be no change to other assessments offered by CHAS.

Grace period under the Regulations:
If you are already employed as a CDM-Coordinator on a project BEFORE 06 April 2015, you will be able to continue in this role until 06 October 2015.

There is no plan currently to remove historic CDM-C records from the CHAS database.

Please click on the 
web link for detail of industry guidance issued by HSE's Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC).

Please click 
here for further information on the changes involved in CDM 2015.​